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Learning More About Your Prostate and Cancer

Learning More About Your Prostate and Cancer

Prostate cancer is a form of cancer that develops when cells in the prostate multiply abnormally and form a tumour.

In our bodies, millions of cells help carry out the most basic functions that allow us to live and be healthy. Your prostate is a walnut-sized gland in your body that helps produce semen. Semen is the liquid that is ejaculated during sex.1

Your body is made up of billions of cells. In healthy individuals, cells grow, and are eventually replaced by new ones. Cancer happens when this process is interrupted; cells begin to grow in an uncontrolled way. When cells multiply quickly, it causes a build-up of cells that forms a lump called a tumour. If a cancerous tumour is found in the prostate, it is called prostate cancer.2


PROSTATE WITH TUMOUR GROWTH Urethra Prostate Vas Deferens Bladder Tumour Testicle Scrotum Penis


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