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Key Team Members

Key Team Members


Your Physical Wellness Team

Here to help you stay as physically strong and active as possible

Occupational Therapist

If cancer or cancer treatment has made performing everyday activities difficult, an occupational therapist may be able to help. He or she can provide suggestions on how to better equip your home or yourself with new devices to help make movement easier. An occupational therapist can also show you how different postures can help make you more comfortable when sitting or lying down.9

Registered Dietitian

Cancer and cancer treatments can affect how you eat. Eating well so that you can stay strong and improve your sense of wellness is important. Registered dietitians can offer advice on how to maintain a healthy diet for those living with cancer.10,11


For men who have had prostate surgery, regaining control of their bladder may be a challenge. A continence physiotherapist can give you advice and show you how to exercise your pelvic muscles, as well as give you general exercise tips.12


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