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Key Team Members

Key Team Members


Know Your Practical Help Team

People who can help make the day-to-day more manageable

Personal Support Worker (PSW)

A PSW is someone trained to help in a variety of tasks in and outside the home. If you need help with grocery shopping, housekeeping, or cooking, a PSW could be of assistance. Other tasks that PSW’s often assist with include: medication management, transportation, personal care (such as toileting, bathing and dressing), and social and recreational activities.7


If you need help getting to a treatment appointment, the Canadian Cancer Society offers a transportation service that is run by volunteers. This is a shared-ride program that not only offers transportation but also a friendly, supportive environment along the way.8 Call 1-888-939-3333 to find out more, or visit the Canadian Cancer Society online at www.cancer.ca.


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