Providing Care
Helpful Caregiver Tips1

Caregiving is not always easy. Here we share some ideas on how to make some of the everyday a little easier.

At a medical appointment:
  • Take a notebook to help you and your loved one jot down important things. You may even want to take a little voice recorder if you are unable to capture everything on paper.
  • Ask questions. Use our tools to help prepare for the types of questions you may want to ask. If you are seeking information on behalf of the patient, ensure that he is prepared for the discussions you may be having with the healthcare team. Remember: A little preparation goes a long way! By having the questions prepared, you will be able to maximize the effectiveness of the time you and your loved one have with the doctor.
  • Talk to the nurse. An oncology nurse or urology nurse may also be available to speak to if you have any other questions.
At home:
  • Keep your loved one’s medical records organized. Keep copies of all of his test results. These medical tests belong to the patient, so ask for copies from every appointment. Put all of your medical history into a folder or three-ring binder so it is readily available. This simple act will save everyone needless hours of searching in the event that you need it quickly.
  • If you are finding it difficult to keep up with domestic duties in addition to your caregiving ones, consider bringing in help, in the form of a Personal Care Worker, or perhaps family or friends who can assist. You may also come to re-prioritize things, so that the pressure of having the house neat and tidy doesn’t have to be first on your list.
Patient and Caregiver Resources

Make sure to check out the Resources page for helpful websites related to patient and caregiver support.


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