Key Team Members

Key Team Members

Key Team Members


Get To Know Your Healthcare Team
Managing your prostate cancer and your health

Meet some of the people who might be helping you through your journey with prostate cancer:

A urologist is a doctor that specializes in the health of the urinary tract and reproductive organs. He or she may also be the doctor who oversees your prostate cancer treatment.1

A radiation oncologist is a doctor who uses radiation therapy to treat cancer. In some cases, radiation therapy is used in combination with other treatments to manage cancer.1,2

Like a radiation oncologist, the medical oncologist is a doctor who specializes in treating cancer – but instead of radiation, a medical oncologist uses medicines such as chemotherapy or hormone therapy. He or she may be overseeing your treatment or helping you with other medical issues that have come up with your prostate cancer.1

Oncology nurses work with cancer patients and oncologists. They are a practical support, an educational resource, and a primary point of care in your treatment. Nurses help bring all of your care together, working with other members of your healthcare team.3

If you are seeing a urologist, you may also be acquainted with a urology nurse. This person will be familiar with prostate cancer, as well as any other urological issues you may be experiencing. He or she will help monitor your health and give you practical advice on day-to-day living with prostate cancer. Nurses can also help clarify questions you may have or direct you to resources that can.3

Though you will be seeing other healthcare professionals for your cancer treatment, your family doctor will continue to provide support. He or she will continue to manage your other health matters, and can be an excellent resource for advice after a diagnosis of cancer.5

A pharmacist not only dispenses your medication for you to take home, but is also an expert at knowing what each cancer medication is about and how it may affect your body. If you have any questions about how your medications work, or how to manage side effects, a pharmacist is a good person to talk to.4


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