Resources for Patients and Caregivers

The following is a checklist that can help you express to your loved ones what you would like for your funeral.

Thinking about your own funeral can be daunting, however, by using this form, you are making it clear what your preferences are when the time comes to hold a funeral. In their time of grief, your family can focus on remembering you, and not worry about making funeral plans.

Fill out as much of the form as you feel comfortable completing.

When you are ready, let your loved ones know that you have completed this form. If you feel comfortable, talk to them about your wishes, so that they are prepared to help you see them fulfilled.

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If you have questions about anything regarding funeral planning, there are some excellent resources to turn to, including professional funeral planners. They may help you as you make decisions about what you would like to see happen for your own funeral.

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